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The Utility identification and protection minimum standard allows for the proactive and safe identification and protection of utilities that are located within existing or proposed Transport Agency road corridors.

This standard considers how to improve safety for workers and others by using accurate information about the location of utilities, enabling you to keep excavation or grading work away from known utilities.

This standard assists you to avoid unexpected utility conflicts and prepare construction plans that accurately show the exact location of utilities. This in turn reduces project delays caused by redesign, cutting, damaging, or discovering unidentified utility lines.

The benefits of accurate utility identification include better safety, fewer utility conflicts, and protection of your brand and reputation.

Utility identification and protection minimum standard [PDF, 626 KB]

How to work safely around utility services

Working as part of the SCIRT Alliance in Christchurch, City Care produced this video(external link) to help everyone work safely around utility services.

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