Our intelligent transport system (ITS) standards and specifications (S&S) define the requirements for the design, delivery and integration of ITS equipment and systems on our national transport network. This includes vehicle detection systems, lane control signals, ramp signals, variable message signs, CCTV cameras, incident detection, emergency telephones, cables and ducting.

The ITS S&S documents on this website are mostly interim, or a legacy hybrid of both design standards and delivery specifications. They remain in place while new versions are developed under our ITS S&S framework.


View our current, interim and legacy Waka Kotahi intelligent ITS S&S (including P-series), and drawings.

Standards and specifications

Learn more about what our ITS S&S cover and how they are used.

About our ITS S&S documents

The ITS S&S provide assurance for delivery of solutions and the equipment and systems required to build and configure them. This breaks out into three key areas: 

Design assurance (standards)

Design assurance is delivered through a series of design standards. The standards ensure transport network level operational outcomes and design for safety, security and maintainability are accounted for in solutions delivered to Waka Kotahi. Design standards ensure solutions address the correct operational need and are fit for purpose at the front end of roading or infrastructure projects. 

Delivery assurance (specifications)

Delivery assurance is managed through a series of delivery specifications that support procurement and systems integration. The specifications ensure the correct equipment is procured for integration with our operational systems and the right functionality and performance requirements are delivered.

Core requirements (standards and specifications)

Core standards outline common conditions and obligations and are applicable across all Waka Kotahi ITS design standards. Core specifications define common requirements and are applicable across all Waka Kotahi ITS delivery specifications. They provide clarity for each core subject area by managing duplication of common requirements within the S&S

The S&S are structured as follows to ensure alignment with the Waka Kotahi business functions below:

Core requirements standards / design standards

Core requirements specifications / delivery specifications

All requirements which need to be accounted for in ITS design solutions.

Design for operation

Design for safety

Design for maintainability

Design for security

Functional requirements
What the equipment or systems need to do to meet our operational needs.

Performance requirements
The reliability of the equipment or systems to meet our operational needs.

Technical requirements
The specific technical and physical constraints for the equipment required for successful integration into and operation on the transport network.