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One Network Road Classification

The One Network Road Classification (ONRC) is a classification system, which divides New Zealand’s roads into six categories based on how busy they are, whether they connect to important destinations, or are the only route available:

  • National
  • Arterial
  • Regional
  • Primary collector
  • Secondary collector
  • Access

Classification of New Zealand's roads using the ONRC was completed in 2013.

The ONRC is the primary tool developed through REG to enable operational and culture change in road activity management. It facilitates a customer-focused, business case approach to budget bids for the National Land Transport Programme.

Using the ONRC, local authorities and NZ Transport Agency can compare the state of roads across the country, and direct investment where it is needed most. Road users will see an increase in the quality of some roads, and a decrease in others that have been over-specified in the past.  Overall, New Zealanders will get the right level of road infrastructure where it is needed, determined by a robust, impartial, nationally consistent tool – the ONRC.

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