Innovating Streets for People 2019–2021

Innovating Streets for People was an adaptive urbanism programme run by Waka Kotahi between 2019 and 2021. The programme supported 32 councils to deliver 78 projects aimed at creating safer and more accessible environments for walking and cycling and reducing vehicle speeds and volumes to improve safety.

Projects were installed from Northland to Invercargill.

Map of New Zealand demonstrating where projects took place and what they were.

Funded projects in the Innovating Streets for People programme

Through the programme, approximately 89km of street changes were introduced. Changes to streets ranged from kerb buildouts and speed cushions, to parklets, pedestrian crossings, and cycleways. In most cases, projects were made up of multiple changes.

Outcomes reported included:

  • reduced vehicle speeds and volumes
  • more people cycling, walking, or scooting
  • safer and more accessible environments for pedestrians and cyclists
  • an increase in the number of people spending time in an area
  • increased visibility of cultural narratives in the streetscape.

Other outcomes reported included positive community engagement and participation in projects, social procurement delivering local economic benefits, and community support or demand for more street innovation.

Innovating Streets for People projects


Innovation Streets 2020–21 programme evaluation summary - November 2020 [PDF, 15 MB]

Innovation Streets 2020–21 programme full report - April 2022 [PDF, 18 MB]