Activated street near West End School

Activated street near West End School. Credit: New Plymouth City Council.

New Plymouth District Council is progressing with two potential case studies as part of the programme. Making streets safer for children and developing their main street to support a thriving town centre.

The Neighbourhood Led Project is being run to maximize investment near schools when there is planned maintenance in the area, like a footpath rehabilitation. The concept is to return streets to being places for people, with design being led by local residents and school students.

Following on from the success of the two street projects the council ran in 2012, they have identified an opportunity to enhance streetscapes while maximizing planned investment with rehab work. Streets are prioritized based on if there is planned maintenance and a school in the street. There are three projects underway: Kauri Street, Pioneer Road and Huatoki Street.

New Plymouth District Council is also working with the local business community to develop options for activating Devon Street East over the summer.