Capability Sessions: Learning Together

The Capability Sessions: Learning Together webinar series aims to build capability for the Streets for People cohort and wider urban mobility sector. If you would like to be kept up to date on our webinar series, sign up here:

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About Capability Sessions: Learning Together

The Capability Sessions: Learning Together programme is a series of global dialogues that aims to build capability and expand our horizons about how we think and practice. The sessions will motivate practitioners to keep learning, make new connections with peers, and adapt processes to respond better to new context, needs and desires.

Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Melissa Bruntlett

In this webinar, Melissa reflected on how spaces designed for the safety and comfort of vulnerable people can positively impact the well-being of all people, no matter their age, gender, or ability. She also shared her insights on how communications can play a vital role in realising a shared understanding and celebration of these spaces.

‘Finding Happiness and Equity in the Low-Car City’ webinar (10 May 2023)

Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Sara Ortiz Escalante

In this webinar, Sara presented Col·lectiu Punt 6's approach to mobility from an intersectional feminist perspective, and shared their methodology, tools of analysis and criteria that can be applied in the different phases of mobility projects (ie assessment, proposals, monitoring and evaluation).

‘Everyday life Mobilities, an approach from feminist urban planning’ webinar (14 February 2023) 


Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Jacob Wessel

In this session, Jacob Wessel shared his experience enabling open streets programmes and transformation of streetscapes in Boston, US. The discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities faced by local government in the north-eastern United States and New Zealand when deploying plazas, parklets, pedestrian zones, and open streets.

'Open Streets and Tactical Street Transformation in Boston' webinar (25 January 2023)

Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Eveline Trevisan

In this session, Eveline Trevisan covers lessons of collaboration between public and civil sectors when it comes to transforming public spaces ‘for people’ and the role of urban pedagogy as a structuring factor for the transformation of cities.

Transforming our cities, starting from our streets’ webinar (7 December 2022) 

Capability Sessions: Learning Together with superwien

In this session, superwien urbanism Director Roland Krebs and Milagros Hurtig, Urban Planning Specialist, share their experiences developing placemaking projects around the globe, transforming spaces into places.

‘Participatory urban design, placemaking, and city making’ webinar (24 November 2022)

Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Manuel Calvo & Yasmin Tapiheroe

In this webinar, Manuel Calvo, founder of consultancy Estudio MC, shares his experience designing the cycling network and writing the cycling network master plan. Yasmin Tapiheroe (Senior Consultant, Environment and Planning, Aurecon) brings in her insights and observations as an urban planner from Auckland and a user who enjoyed the city's mobility options.

'Reimagining Our Streets: How the city of Seville successfully integrated active mobility infrastructures into urban centres and spaces' webinar (18 November 2022)

Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Play Australia

In this presentation, Kieran Brophy shared impacts of community play streets and key learnings to date, particularly on how to embrace equitable approaches to reach those most in need. Ellie Davidson (Regional Play Consultant) brought NZ's approach to Play Streets to the conversation.

'1000 Play Streets: Reclaiming neighbourhood streets for connection and play' webinar (8 November 2022)

Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Urban Foxes

In this webinar, Bram addresses the importance of collaborative city-making, bottom-up initiatives and why it is vital to include often-forgotten stakeholders in these processes. He shared concrete examples as well as some creative placemaking tools to engage young people in city-making processes. 

'Involving children and youngsters in the co-creation of our cities' webinar (13 October 2022) 

Capability Sessions: Learning Together with José Besselink 

In this webinar, José covers an inspiring journey covering 'planting the seed', to changing policy, to transforming Rotterdam into a walking city. José shared lessons from her city's experience trialling pilot projects, gathering data, community participation, and embracing an integrated approach to planning. 

'Rotterdam Streets for People' webinar (28 September 2022) 

Upcoming sessions

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Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Ryan Bellinson

Ryan Bellinson (Principal of Collaboraction Insights, a strategic research and design consultancy; Senior Public Engagement Analyst at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Senior Research Fellow at the University College London Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose),

Cultivating space and seeding the ground for transformative change
Being a ‘policy entrepreneur’ or ‘government changemaker’ can be a lonely job. However, communities of practice can be important spaces for change agents to sustain their momentum, share lessons learned and problem solve amongst peers. In session, we’ll explore examples where communities of practice have been created to foster collective inquiry and examine how their prospective role in supporting processes of government innovation

21 June 2023,
11 am

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Capability Sessions: Learning Together with LAUT Studio

Florian Lorenz
and Georg Wieser (co-founders at LAUT),

Landscape Architecture and Urban Transformation (LAUT) is an urbanism consultancy that has adapted the superblocks model to the Vienna context and implemented the first pilot project in the city. LAUT is also working with international partners to develop a process to enable the implementation of superblocks in other European cites.

18 July 2023, 7 pm

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Capability Sessions: Learning Together with Demetrio Scopelliti

Demetrio Scopelliti (Director of Urban Planning and Public Space at the City of Milan),

During the pandemic, Milan repurposed 35km of road space to bike tracks and created 36 pedestrianised “tactical plazas” to facilitate outdoor social life. Demetrio will explain how they made this possible, the key challenges they faced, and how these programmes are evolving.