Information for materials suppliers

This page is for materials suppliers to learn more about the Streets for People programme.

What is Streets for People?

  • Our streets have a vital role to play in creating inclusive, safe, vibrant and sustainable cities. Cities that are great places to live and where everyone can easily move around using a variety of transport options. Streets for People is making it easier and faster to create healthier and more people friendly streets.;
  • The programme is supporting Councils to accelerate the delivery of local strategies and plans and to do things differently by using quick, low-cost, scalable improvements that help create more vibrant, people-friendly spaces in our neighbourhoods. This could be through pilots, pop-ups or interim treatments that inform future permanent changes.  
  • Streets for People projects include walking improvements (town centres, neighbourhoods, and links to public transport), cycling improvements, safe routes to school, and speed reduction/safety improvements. 
  • Better transport options will reduce emissions, reduce deaths and injuries on our roads, and improve public health and access to opportunities.
  • Streets for People aligns with the Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan and Road to Zero, New Zealand’s road safety strategy. 

Programme highlights

  • $30M in funding from Waka Kotahi.
  • Projects delivered by 13 Councils across the country.
  • A focus on street space reallocation and mode shift away from private vehicles and toward more walking, cycling and public transport use.
  • Utilising adaptive urbanism practices where Councils test out safer connections and more welcoming spaces, allowing communities to experience what’s possible before working through longer term solutions. 

Programme milestones

Milestone Date
Expressions of interest February 2022
Funding the foundations March–August 2022
Launch September 2022
Milestone 1: Engagement plans 20 November 2022
Milestone 2: Scheme design 31 July 2023
Monitoring and evaluation April–June 2024
Programme end June 2024

Innovative, attractive, and recycled materials

Suppliers and contractors play a key role in the success of Streets for People projects.


Streets for People projects have a remit to innovate. We use materials from other industries. Materials that are light, cheap, and easy to install; and materials that are custom made locally. 

A road with pop-up footpath extension and cycleway using astroturf and wooden horizontal separators

West Quay, Napier (Source: Napier City Council)

What we want from you: 

Suppliers Contractors
  • New materials 
  • New or improved traffic management materials and devices
  • Let us know what you have
  • Be willing to work with us to use new types of materials, or old materials in new ways 


Attractiveness of the project is a significant factor in gaining public acceptance.

New pedestrian plaza featuring road art and wooden planter boxes on a street

Emily Place, Auckland (Source: Claire Davis)

What we need from you: 

Suppliers Contractors
  • Consider developing or sourcing items with higher visual appeal, particularly neutral colours (eg white hit sticks)
  • Be aware that sites need to look good as well as function correctly
  • Support our teams to make places look good

Recycling materials

Recycling materials to conserve precious natural resources.

People socialising using public furniture installed in parklet

Drews Avenue, Whanganui (Source: Ellen Young)

What we need from you:

Suppliers Contractors
  • We are interested in materials that can be re-furbished, upcycled or recycled
  • Be willing to work with us to refurbish materials and to work with refurbished/recycled materials 

Contact us 

Get in touch if you have questions regarding the programme, the adaptive urbanism approach, or supplying innovative materials: