An account held in your name by us, to pay tolls and fees

Account set-up amount

a) the calculated minimum amount; or b) any greater amount requested by you and agreed by us


The Land Transport Management Act 2003

Administration fee

The charge to cover the cost of issuing and processing a payment for a toll payment notice

Calculated minimum amount

The minimum account set up amount calculated by us, based on the number of nominated vehicles registered to an account

Dishonour fee

To recover costs due to insufficient funds or credit available through your nominated payment method

Electronic toll point

Any place on a toll road where vehicles are detected by an electronic tolling system, and includes a toll payment point under the act

Enforcement authority

The authority responsible for enforcing toll collection


A charge for providing a service in accordance with the Schedule of Fees, and includes an administration charge under section 51(4) of the act


See electronic toll point


Goods and services tax

Nominated bank account

A valid account with a financial institution nominated by you as a source of payment for your account

Nominated credit card

A valid credit card nominated by you as a source of payment for your account

Nominated vehicle

A vehicle that you’ve nominated under clause 4, for the purpose of enabling tolls incurred in respect of that vehicle to be debited from your account


Delivery (as applicable): a) by post to your nominated postal address, which is deemed to have taken place three days after the date of posting by us; or b) electronically to your email address, which is deemed to have taken place when we receive confirmation of transmission on our server.

Notify and notified have the corresponding meanings

Road controlling authority

The controlling authority for a toll road

Schedule of fees

The list of fees published in these pages

Service fee

The additional fee charged for toll transactions made through our contact centre.

Transaction fee

The additional fee applied to each purchase to cover the costs of processing a payment for toll purchases through a specific payment method such as the cash payment point. Applies to each payment made, not each toll purchased


The fixed charge levied by the operator of a toll road for the use of the road under the act

Toll road

A road listed on this website, for which you can use your account to pay tolls

Toll road operator

The agency designated as the operator of a toll road under the act – in this case the NZ Transport Agency.

Toll trip

The driving of a vehicle in one direction through one or more electronic toll points uninterrupted by exit or subsequent re-entry on a single toll road

Top up threshold

Your account will automatically top up with your chosen top up amount from your debit/credit card or by direct debit when your account balance falls below the minimum amount