A toll is charged each time the toll road is used. The amount you pay depends on the type of vehicle you’re driving.

Toll prices are signposted as you approach each toll road. 

A $1.50 transaction fee applies to each transaction made at selected service stations and a $3.70 service fee applies to each toll purchase made through the contact centre. 

Tolls are GST inclusive at the time the toll is used.

Toll charges

  Car, motorcycle, or
light commercial vehicle
(3.5 tonnes or less)
Heavy vehicle
(over 3.5 tonnes)
Caravan or trailer
Northern Gateway Toll Road $2.60 $5.20 No extra charge
Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road $2.30 $5.60 No extra charge
Takitimu Drive Toll Road $2.10 $5.40 No extra charge

Account holder charges

Fee type Description Delivery method Amount
Statement For any printed statement Mail $0.80
Additional tax invoice/statement For each additional tax invoice or statement requested   $2.30
Dishonour fee To recover costs due to insufficient funds or credit available through your nominated payment method   $20.60

Casual user charges and fees

Fee type Description Amount
Administration fee To cover the cost of issuing and processing a payment for a Toll Payment Notice $4.90
Service fee To cover the costs of processing a payment for toll purchases through the contact centre $3.70
Transaction fee To cover the costs of purchasing tolls through the cash payment option $1.50
Infringement fee Additional fee charged when an Infringement Notice is issued for non-payment of a toll payment notice $40.00