Safety cameras

Safety cameras are one of the ways to improve road safety and reduce the current level of harm on our streets and roads. They encourage people to drive at safe speeds within the legal speed limit and respect red lights.

Safety cameras are a tool we use to lower speed, not to generate revenue. Money from safety camera fines goes into the Government Consolidated Fund (Government's purse). It doesn't go directly to us. 

Evidence shows where safety cameras have been used in New Zealand and overseas they reduce speed and the impact of a crash. Because of this, they’re proven to significantly reduce deaths and serious injuries.

We’re taking over the safety camera network from NZ Police, and over time we’ll increase safety cameras across the country. Currently we’re identifying which locations will have the greatest impact and the number and type of cameras to use, to deliver the most effective outcomes to support safe travel.  

In future, if a camera captures a speeding or red light offence, notices will come from NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi. While we’re transitioning safety cameras over to us, you could receive an infringement notice from NZ Police or NZTA. NZ Police will continue to manage offences detected by officers.

Speed can be the difference between death, a life changing injury and walking away from a crash unharmed. Alongside safe speeds, safe vehicles and roading improvements, safety cameras will contribute to a transport system that protects us all. 

We're not currently issuing offence notices for safety cameras. If you've received one that looks like it's from us, it could be a scam. Check out our scams information to help protect yourself. 

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