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When you're driving, you need to share the road with other vehicles, including cycles.

People on bicycles are more vulnerable on the road as they are less protected than other road users. Because of this, you should be alert and drive carefully when near them.

Top tips for sharing the road safely with people on bikes

  • Take special care and slow down when passing. They may need to move unexpectedly and not have an opportunity to signal their intentions.
  • Indicate clearly and in plenty of time when turning and stopping.
  • Know your blind spots, especially when driving vans, trucks or buses, and check again for cyclists.
  • Take another look at intersections. Cycles are smaller than other vehicles and may not be easily seen.
  • Avoid overtaking a cyclist just before you turn at an intersection.
  • Take care when passing cyclists on the open road. Slow down and, ideally, leave at least 1.5 metres of space between you and the cyclist.
  • Check rear-view mirrors and look over your shoulder before you open a car door at the roadside.
  • Slow down and be alert when visibility is reduced. Cyclists are often hard to see, and are even more so in the rain or in low-light conditions.

Check out our Cycle safety webpage which has more safety tips for motorists and cyclists.