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This is a new campaign for the NZ Transport Agency and is part of the wider cycling programme aimed at making ‘urban cycling a safer and more attractive transport choice.’  The cycling programme is tasked with increasing the number of trips made by bike to 10 million per year by 2019.

The challenge

The big challenge for this campaign is to motivate and encourage people to get around by bike more often for day to day trips (to the shops, library or commuting to work).  We know that New Zealanders love their bikes as cycling has risen in popularity in the last decade. However, the growth in cycling has mostly occurred in the recreational space and has not transitioned to people choosing to use their bike for everyday trips. To reach the goal of 10 million trips per year, this campaign needs to encourage and motivate riders to use their bikes more often than they are currently doing for everyday trips.

Television advertising

Target audience

This campaign is aimed at people who live in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch who already ride for recreational purposes but to a much lesser extent for everyday trips. Based on customer insights, we know these people enjoy riding because it makes them feel good. This is the insight that the campaign is built on - that every rider experiences the ‘feel good’ factor in their own unique way. It is a very personal experience and therefore the feelings are different for every individual and can change from one day to the next. 

The aim of the campaign is to remind and motivate recreational riders who enjoy the ‘feel good’ factor, that they can experience these good feelings more often if they ride their bike more frequently for everyday trips.

Our approach

The intent is to engage with the audience at a number of different opportunities:

  • During key travel planning times, such as on a Sunday night when they are thinking about the week ahead, to remind them of their travel options.

  • At key times during their day, such as on their way to work, at the library, or when they are parking their car, to remind them that they could be experiencing the ‘feel good’ factor right now if they’d chosen to bike.

  • When they are out and about in their recreational space, feeling great, to remind them that they can experience this feeling more often.

Ultimately the goal is to get these people to choose the bike more frequently for utility trips around town.

The campaign

The campaign launched on 22 January 2017 with bus sides, banners (print and online), street posters and live ad shells. The television and online phase launched on 19 February 2017.


Single image

Double images

Bus sides

Online advertising


Bike trail advertising

Table talkers


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