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This section focuses on our seatbelt advertising campaign. Here you can learn about the approach behind the campaign, who we target and why. You can also see the advertising material we've produced. 

New Zealand’s Road Safety Strategy 2010–2020, Safer Journeys(external link) identifies restraint use as an emerging strategic priority in some regions throughout New Zealand.

In a safe system, no-one deserves to be killed or seriously injured because they have made a mistake. And in a safe system where everyone has a responsibility for road safety, proven safety features such as seatbelts should not be sacrificed for performance or appearance. If someone does make a mistake on the road, they are less likely to be killed or seriously injured if they are wearing a seatbelt.

Seatbelts save lives, increasing your chance of surviving by 40%. Most of us accept that, however when people choose not to wear their seatbelt while driving, they put themselves in greater danger of being fatally or seriously injured if they are involved in a crash. In the last five years, 300 people have died because they didn’t wear a seatbelt. 

The target audience

The campaign targets males 20–40 years of age who drive regularly and choose not to wear their seatbelt. They believe they won’t get caught by police, especially after dark. They regularly drive after a few drinks and drive a little faster than they should. The combination of alcohol and speed often results in a crash, and not wearing a seatbelt is usually the fatal blow that ends their life.

Our approach

This audience doesn’t hesitate to take other safety precautions in their life to make sure they don’t get hurt, such as wearing a mouth guard when playing rugby or wearing steel capped boots on a worksite. The objective of the campaign is to get them to question why they choose to take these preventative measures in some instances, yet they don’t wear a seatbelt in the car. After all — it’s the same diff.

Radio advertising

Listen to It's the same diff radio advertisements.



Online advertising

If you'd like to find out more or place an order for posters of billboard skins or use radio or online advertising email: