Safe System case studies

Waka Kotahi and local authorities are making safety improvements to contribute towards a safe transport system that is forgiving of mistakes, and reduces unnecessary harm on our roads. 

Below are some examples of road safety improvements made across the country to save lives and prevent serious injuries on our roads.

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Safe crossing at Heaton Street, Christchurch for school students

Students of Heaton Normal Intermediate were concerned with distracted drivers, visibility and speed outside their school, so they developed a school travel plan and shared it with Christchurch City Council to make real change.

Safe school journeys in Stratford

Journeys around Stratford high school have been made safer with raised platforms installed in early 2023 on each approach of the T intersection on Swansea Road.

Bell Block intersection improvements

With shops nearby and an increase in traffic volumes due to residential development, New Plymouth District Council upgraded the intersection of Mangati Road Parklands Avenue in Bell Block to a roundabout—improving safety for everyone travelling through the area.

Bureta Road/Vale Street intersection improvements

In September 2023, Tauranga City Council finished construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of Bureta Road and Vale Street, as well as raised pedestrian crossings, cycle road markings and upgraded footpaths.

Brymer/Newcastle intersection improvements

Hamilton City Council has improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists by upgrading the Brymer/Newcastle Road intersection to a roundabout.

Safer cycling and walking options in Hamilton

With an increased number of people in new offices as well as hundreds of students accessing Wintec nearby, Hamilton City Council have increased safety for people walking and cycling around the Collingwood / Tristram Street intersection.

Side barriers prevent serious harm in Waikato

Since Waikato District Council installed 2.6 km of side barrier in April 2023, there have been a total of five collisions into barriers on Piako Road (two) and Gordonton Road (three).

Glen Eden Village safety treatments

Auckland Transport invested $6.5 million for safety treatments in the Glen Eden Village town centre that will deliver safe system measures at eight locations along the corridor and a safe and appropriate speed for the town centre.

Auckland Transport safe speed programme

Between 2020 and March 2023, Auckland Transport have implemented safe speeds across 2,830km of roads across the network. Following the speed changes, 39% of Auckland’s roads are now at safe and appropriate speeds.