Anglesea and Bryce Street intersection upgrades

anglesea and bryce street intersection in hamilton

Anglesea and Bryce Street intersection (photo: Hamilton City Council)

In 2019, Hamilton City Council invested $1.5 million to upgrade the Anglesea and Bryce Street intersection with a proven safety intervention known as a raised safety platform. The busy transport and business hub has thousands of road users everyday and to help keep everyone safe, HCC saw value in upgrading the intersection to reflect best practice Safe System principles.

This project was the first to be funded and delivered under a new framework that put the safety of people before efficacy or travel time. This project won the council the 2021 TRAFINZ Safety Leadership Award.

The safety treatment will reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured between 25% and 40%.

The intersection was completely closed for construction providing improved safety for workers and delivering infrastructure to the community faster.

The construction of this raised safety platform and signalised intersection upgrade near the Hamilton transport hub was completed in only seven weeks from start to finish providing exceptional value to the community.