Bankwood and Comries Road intersection safety improvements

bankwood and comries road intersection safety improvements

Bankwood and Comries Road intersection (photo: Hamilton City Council)

Hamilton City Council saw the risk to vulnerable road users at the Bankwood and Comries Road intersection. The road is surrounded by a range of road users with schools, parks, shopping centres, bus stops and disability homes all in the area.

Waka Kotahi and Hamilton Council co-funded the $1.2 million project to improve safety on the road, delivering an urban roundabout with raised platforms on all approaches and off-road shared path facilities on each of the corners as a safe route for vulnerable road users.

The intersection is on a bus route, so the raised safety platforms were designed with shallow departure ramps. The improved safety for vulnerable road users (walking and cycling), improved accessibility and vehicle turn movements out of the side roads have reduced the risk of a crash happening and the severity of a crash if one happens.

The improvements will see a 40–60% reduction in the number of people killed and seriously injured at the intersection with the added benefit of improved levels of service for vehicles.

People walking were provided with designated crossing facilities and people cycling cyclists are separated from vehicles through the intersection.

The community has provided positive feedback. Residents were impressed with the fantastic difference the roundabout has made to their ability to get through the intersection, in cars and on mobility scooters.