fernside and flaxton road roundabout

Fernside and Flaxton Road roundabout (photo: Waimakiriri District Council)

Waimakiri District Council improved safety at the high risk intersection of Fernside and Flaxton Road by transforming a stop-controlled T-intersection with a safe system roundabout.

Roundabouts reduce the risk of a crash occurring and slow vehicle speeds so that if a crash was to occur, it’s more likely to be survivable.

The intersection was first reconfigured in 2011 from a crossroad to a staggered T-intersection, however increasing traffic volumes and a subsequent increasing crash risk has meant that we needed something safer,” said Area Programme Manager David Rowland.

The construction of the roundabout has created a lower speed environment which allows for much safer negotiation of this intersection, which is on one of our districts key transport corridors.

The improvements have received positive feedback from the community.