Photo from a birds eye view showing cars travelling along a road with a raised pedestrian crossing

One of two raised safety platforms near the schools along Salisbury Road

Salisbury Road is one of the main urban roads in the Tasman District, with approximately 17,000 vehicles per day travelling past five schools, with children walking and cycling to and from school.

Tasman District Council installed two raised safety platforms on Salisbury Road outside the five schools—giving students two safe crossing opportunities. Similar to the other raised safety platform on Salisbury Road at the Champion Road roundabout, the platforms incorporate a dual crossing, allowing for safe crossing from the cycle lane to the schools.

The platforms are designed to manage vehicle speed at around 30km/h or less, meaning when a crash does happen, the severity is reduced to survivable levels for a pedestrian compared to a higher speed. It also allows for people to react and give-way to people walking and cycling.