State Highway 16 Kaukapakapa School variable speed limit

Variable speed limits (VSL) make roads safer for children outside of schools. The Kaukapakapa community told Waka Kotahi vehicle speeds outside the Kaukapakapa School felt too high, and students don’t feel safe getting to and from school.

In February and March 2020, we consulted with the public on this proposed variable speed limit and in August 2020 the new speeds came into effect.

VSL uses electronic signs to lower the speed limit outside schools from 50km/h to 40km/h at peak school traffic times.

Around 5,000 vehicles pass the school each day and Waka Kotahi traffic data indicates that mean operating speeds were higher than the posted speed limit.

We know children outside of schools are most at risk from vehicles, so a variable speed limit at peak school traffic times will provide a safer road environment around the school.

The introduction of a variable speed limit outside Kaukapakapa School is aligned to New Zealand’s road safety strategy, Road to Zero, and its Tackling Unsafe Speeds package, which includes transitioning to lower speed limits around schools to improve safety and encourage more children to walk and cycle to school.

The students of Kaukapakapa School wrote to Waka Kotahi to bring our attention to a safety issue right outside their school gates. We are so pleased we were able to work with them and the wider community, to make changes before any serious accidents occurred.