Photo taken from the footpath of a new round about and raised safety platform

New roundabout and raised safety platforms at Napier Road

In 2022 Taupō District Council transformed the Napier/Kiddle/Arrowsmith intersection to a single lane urban roundabout, improving the safety for everyone who travels through the area.

When the Eastern Taupō Arterial bypass was opened, State Highway 5 through to Taupō was revoked and renamed Napier Road. The priority at the Kiddle Drive/ Arrowsmith Avenue intersection along Napier Road was changed to favour Kiddle Drive/Arrowsmith Avenue, promoting an easier walking connection across Napier Road due to the proximity of the hospital, schools, the water park, and southern residential areas. The speed limit was lowered to 50km/h, however before the roundabout was built there were 18 reported crashes including one serious injury and five minor injury crashes.

Since the intersection has been transformed by installing the roundabout, controlling approaches with give way marking and signage in March 2022, there have been zero crashes.