Tristram Street / Anzac Parade roundabout upgrade

Photo from a birds eye view of a roundabout with traffic driving around it, with newly installed raised safety platforms

Tristram Street / Anzac Parade roundabout with new safety improvements

The Tristram Street and Anzac Parade roundabout is a through-route to Hamilton’s CBD, close to a busy supermarket and health centre, with people walking, cycling and driving in the area.

Hamilton City Council has made this busy intersection safer for everyone who travels through the area, including people walking and cycling, by installing a raised safety platform at the fastest approach of the roundabout, extending the kerbs to reduce turning speeds as well as improved pedestrian crossing facilities near the supermarket.

Better signage, markings and street lighting also offer additional safety improvements to the environment for cyclists and pedestrians.

These changes have provided a lower speed environment, making it safe for people to travel through the intersection and reduce the level of harm if a crash does happen.