The National Speed Limit Register (NSLR) provides an online, maps-based, central source of speed limits for roads in New Zealand.

The NSLR enables organisations responsible for speed management to more easily comply with the new Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022 (the Rule) and the Land Transport (Register of Land Transport Records – Speed Limits) Regulations 2022 as it allows them to record, update and share speed limit data.

Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022

Land Transport (Register of Land Transport Records – Speed Limits) Regulations 2022(external link) 

The benefits of the NSLR are:

  • improved road user safety
  • better speed limit management leading to improved network performance
  • providing a single source of truth on speed limits nationwide
  • greater credibility and public trust
  • improved accuracy of speed limit sign setting
  • road controlling authorities can easily update and share road speed limit data in a standard format with each other, Waka Kotahi and the public with improved efficiency as individual RCA registers will not have to be maintained.

Speed limits, and communication of those limits to road users, is core to road safety. Speed limit data is used by the public, enforcers and increasingly by intelligent systems in vehicles. The NSLR makes it easier for people to access and use that data.  

NSLR and open data portal

Members of the public can search for speed limits on New Zealand roads, obtain details of specific speed limits and obtain certified copies of speed limits through the NSLR.

National Speed Limit Register(external link)

Speed limit data can also be accessed through the Waka Kotahi open data portal (ODP). Speed limit data can be viewed and filtered in a table as well as downloaded in a variety of formats. APIs can be used to upload data into other applications.

Waka Kotahi open data portal(external link)

Preparing the NSLR

While the majority of road controlling authorities have migrated their speed limit data into the NSLR, there is provision under the Rule that allows road controlling authorities until 19 July 2022 to complete this migration.

Road controlling authorities can use the resources below, or to get help migrating speed limit data into the NSLR email: 

Resources to support road controlling authorities using the NSLR

If you need help using the NSLR, contact

Speed management: frequently asked questions – December 2022 [PDF, 854 KB]

Speed limit approvals

Resources to assist road controlling authorities in checking migrated speed limit data in the NSLR