Visiting drivers partnership

This partnership was established in 2014 with the aims of improving road safety for visiting drivers and maintaining New Zealand’s reputation as an attractive and safe tourist destination.

There was an on-the-ground focus in Otago, Southland and the West Coast as there are usually a high proportion of overseas visitors compared to New Zealand residents on the roads in these regions. Many of the initiatives benefit all visitors to New Zealand and other road users.

Through this partnership, many organisations work together to ensure all visitors had a safe and enjoyable holiday experience. It includes central and local government, the private sector and others in New Zealand. There is no single solution, or single organisation that can improve road safety for visitors and others on the road. It takes many people working together to improve road safety across all parts of the system – roads and roadsides, speed, vehicles and road use.

While our advertising is currently on hold due to New Zealand’s borders being shut, it previously included a range of initiatives to reach visitors at each stage of their holiday - planning, booking, in-flight, arriving in NZ, and when actually on our roads. This advertising will be re-instated once our borders open again.