Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan

We all deserve a transport system that puts people at the centre – that protects and helps us to get to the places and people important to us, so we can live life to the full.

Speed limits were first set before we knew what was safe and appropriate for our roads. We know this harms people we care about and have a responsibility for.

It’s our responsibility to do better.

We’re taking practical steps to ensure we’re protecting the people and communities we care about. We welcome you to be part of that journey.

A new approach to managing speeds

To put people, and the diverse ways we use our roads and streets at the heart of how we plan and maintain our transport system, the way we manage speeds has changed.

As a road controlling authority (RCA), Waka Kotahi is responsible for setting new speed limits on New Zealand’s state highways. A new Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022 came into effect in May 2022, requiring RCAs to develop speed management plans with a whole-of-network approach every three years, aligning with the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) cycle.

As this legislation took effect during the current 2021-24 NLTP period, Waka Kotahi is taking a step towards the new approach by developing an Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan which includes remaining speed-related activities within the current NLTP.

Subsequent to consultation on the Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan in 2022, the Government announced policy changes to speed management in March 2023. We have since reviewed the plan to give effect to Cabinet’s recommendations to focus on the top one percent most dangerous state highways, schools, marae, townships, and where local communities support change.

The plan is now being reviewed by the Speed Management Committee, which was formed in May 2023 to provide independent review of Waka Kotahi speed management plans and provide advice to the Director of Land Transport.

Once a decision has been made by the Director of Land Transport, which we anticipate happening later this year, we will publish it here on our website. We will also inform all partners, stakeholders, and submitters that requested an email update of the outcome.