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Learn about the approach behind our campaigns, who we target and why. You can also see the marketing material we’ve produced.

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Drug-affected driving campaign: mixed driving

Many people in Aotearoa regularly take medication, including prescribed, bought over the counter and traditional remedies, to stay well and function. But did you know that mixing this type of medication with other medication, drugs or alcohol can cause impairment? This campaign shows the harm that mixing substances causes on our roads and the multiplied effect that the mixing of these substances has on a person.

Road to Zero campaign: riding together

There isn’t just one ‘fix’ that will stop people being killed and seriously injured on our roads. It’s going to take all the individual parts of the road system working together to keep us safe. We all have a part to play - It takes everyone to get to no one. Mā tātou e kore tētahi e hinga.

Road to Zero campaign: vision

We have a vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on New Zealand roads. A vision where everyone, whether they’re walking, cycling, driving, motorcycling or taking public transport, can get to where they’re going safely. It might sound impossible, but Aotearoa has a plan to get there. It’s called Road to Zero.

Road to Zero campaign: booth

It’s time we stopped paying the road toll. We need to disrupt complacent attitudes about people being killed and seriously injured in road crashes. We have a problem on our roads and it’s not acceptable. This campaign puts the problem into focus and explains we have a plan to address it; it’s called Road to Zero.

Speed campaign: safe limits

Our environments have changed since speed limits were originally set. There has been significant growth and development, and we’re continuing to use different modes of transport. It’s important that we’re setting safe speed limits to keep everyone safe. This campaign aims to increase public awareness and understanding of the fact that some speed limits are no longer fit for purpose and how setting safe speeds plays an important part in keeping everyone safe – no matter how they travel.

Speed campaign: apprentice

A big challenge in the area of speed is to stop speeding drivers from continuing to defend their perceived right to speed. Confident in their driving ability and their belief that nothing untoward is likely to happen, they refuse to make the connection between their own speed and potential harm. By showing our audience that others perceive their driving very differently to them, we hope they’ll start to rethink their behaviour.

Drink-driving campaign: doors

Too many people still don’t think it’s a problem to drive after drinking alcohol. This campaign encourages them to recognise that the inconvenience of not having their car in the morning is far better than the potential consequences of drink-driving.

Drink-driving campaign: that's a fail

Predominantly focused on males over the age of 25 years who continue to drive after more than a few drinks, this campaign reminds them that the ‘don’t drink and drive’ message applies to them too.

Motorcycle campaign: respect every ride

Motorcycling is a high priority for road safety in New Zealand, because in a safe system where no one should be killed or seriously injured in a crash, around 550 motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured in crashes each year. While motorcycling is definitely a riskier form of transport than many, we don’t want to deter people from riding.