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Drink-driving campaign: would you rather

Despite the message to not drink and drive being widely accepted, we continue to see alcohol impairment as a significant issue on our roads. Many people claim they would never drive drunk, yet still get behind the wheel in an impaired state. This campaign asks our audience to consider the consequences of being caught drink driving by showing different personal and social scenarios they could be faced with.

Speed campaign: through my eyes

Our challenge is to shift the acceptability of speeding amongst New Zealand drivers. They have a variety of ‘reasons’ and excuses for their speeding and don’t believe they will be caught or have a crash. This campaign reminds drivers that there are consequences to ignoring the speed limit; whether that be Police enforcement or a potentially fatal crash.

Safe vehicles campaign: the unsell

Traditionally, people have viewed safe vehicles as new and expensive but better protection doesn’t have to cost more. There are 4 and 5-star rated cars in most price ranges. We recommend people buy the safest, cleanest and most efficient vehicles in their price range.

Drug-affected driving campaign: mixed driving

Many people in Aotearoa regularly take medication, including prescribed, bought over the counter and traditional remedies, to stay well and function. But did you know that mixing this type of medication with other medication, drugs or alcohol can cause impairment? This campaign shows the harm that mixing substances causes on our roads and the multiplied effect that the mixing of these substances has on a person.

Road to Zero campaign: riding together

There isn’t just one ‘fix’ that will stop people being killed and seriously injured on our roads. It’s going to take all the individual parts of the road system working together to keep us safe. We all have a part to play - It takes everyone to get to no one. Mā tātou e kore tētahi e hinga.

Road to Zero campaign: vision

We have a vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on New Zealand roads. A vision where everyone, whether they’re walking, cycling, driving, motorcycling or taking public transport, can get to where they’re going safely. It might sound impossible, but Aotearoa has a plan to get there. It’s called Road to Zero.

Road to Zero campaign: booth

It’s time we stopped paying the road toll. We need to disrupt complacent attitudes about people being killed and seriously injured in road crashes. We have a problem on our roads and it’s not acceptable. This campaign puts the problem into focus and explains we have a plan to address it; it’s called Road to Zero.

Speed campaign: apprentice

A big challenge in the area of speed is to stop speeding drivers from continuing to defend their perceived right to speed. Confident in their driving ability and their belief that nothing untoward is likely to happen, they refuse to make the connection between their own speed and potential harm. By showing our audience that others perceive their driving very differently to them, we hope they’ll start to rethink their behaviour.

Driver distraction campaign: let driving distract you

A driver is distracted when they pay attention to an activity that takes their focus away from the primary task of driving. Any extra activity puts demands on a driver, which may reduce their driving standard. It may cause the driver to become less observant. A lower standard of driving means that a driver is less likely to anticipate hazards and crashes could occur as a result of the distraction.