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As we head into summer, it’s likely that some commuters will travel in more active ways such as walking, cycling and scooting. With more active transport users out and about, we want everyone to look out for each other and share the space in a considerate way. This includes drivers; they need to take extra care too!

With different modes of transport in play, it’s inevitable that these different ways of moving will connect at different points. In market from October to March, this campaign reminds people to travel safe and be considerate no matter how they move around.

The target audience

There are two key audiences for this campaign – active transport users and vehicle drivers. With the roads a lot quieter in lockdown, a lot of people rediscovered the pleasure of using active modes of transport for recreational use. But now we have a sense of normality at level one, we want active transport users and vehicle drivers to be aware of each other and co-exist safely.

Our approach

This campaign is a public awareness campaign that reminds everyone to share the space safely and considerately. The key messages for active transport users are:

  • If you’re walking, cycling or scooting now that the weather is improving, take care and stay safe.
  • Be considerate, polite and courteous of other users.
  • Allow plenty of space when riding past people travelling slower than you are on shared paths.
  • Slow down when there are lots of people on the path.

The key messages for vehicle drivers are:

  • With the weather improving, there are more people walking, cycling and scooting our city streets.
  • Be considerate, polite and courteous of these people.
  • Slow down and give them space.
  • Together we can all get from A to B safely.

The campaign

The campaign is targeted to the main metro areas of Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Napier, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Media has been deliberately targeted to reach both audiences at a moment of truth with adshels and radio advertising. Online advertising comprises digital banners and social media.

Outdoor advertising

Bus shelter advertising (Adshels)


Online advertising

Radio advertising


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