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Traffic and travel updates: visit the Journey Planner website(external link) for more information about the latest road closures affecting the South Island following the recent weather events.

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Before you plan your programme, think of Reuben's whānau.

Meet Reuben's sisters, Orini and May. They rely on him to come home to them safely every day. So if something happens to him, they'd be lost.
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Over balanced excavator

7 Jun 2017

The excavator was walked onto the transporter, when slewing to the rear it over-balanced and one track of the excavator slid off the trailer. Slewing...

Positive Safety Initiative - four way cable

19 Dec 2016

During early stages of the project there was an issue around suitable cable rollers to pull the hundreds of kilometers of cables required for the...

Positive Safety Initiative - Low Level Access

14 Dec 2016

The team installing the signage in the tunnel needed to access various locations along the tunnel above the barrier. As standing on the barriers was...

Positive Safety Initiative - Bridge Column

14 Dec 2016

The Shared Path Team had the opportunity to eliminate working at height during the assembly of the super structures for the bridge columns. The assembly...

Lost time injury rates; 12-month rolling

O Maintenance
1.2 Capital projects

Positive Safety Initiative - Floor Gate

22 Nov 2016

One of our workers recognised an ergonomic hazard when he was assigned the task of lifting the green plastic grating in the Cross Passages Electrical...

Positive Safety Initiative - Waterview Hydro Excavation Box

22 Nov 2016

The hydro demolition works on Oakley Creek Bridge used high pressure water at 32K psi to break out sections of the concrete deck. This was...

Positive Safety Initiative - Warratah Whacker

22 Nov 2016

Herb, a Foreman on the Structures team and has always striven to consider how tasks can be achieved safer in the workplace, not just for...

Ratchet tie-down slide

5 Oct 2016

Ratchet tie-down slid down from suspended load - The Piling Crew were demobing the vibro hammer, power pack and connecting hydraulic hose bundle using the...