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Counting the traffic on the state highways

Why we count the traffic

Traffic statistic data is fundamental for the effectively planning and management of the State Highway network. For this reason, we operate a comprehensive 'traffic counting' programme that gathers traffic data in terms of traffic volumes, vehicle mix and vehicle loading.

How we count the traffic

The Transport Agency’s “traffic counting” programme on the state highway network is a collaborative effort involving the Transport Agency’s regional offices and Transport Agency’s national office.

The 'traffic counting' programme consists of a hierarchy of equipment that ranges from sophisticated weigh-in-motion and vehicle classification collection via telemetry to simple portable tube traffic counters. The data collection, and processing, for the permanent weigh-in-motion and telemetry sites is managed by the Transport Agency's National Office in Wellington. The remaining sites, which represent the large majority of the sites throughout New Zealand, are counted at defined intervals throughout the year as part of the Transport Agency’s regional annual traffic counting programmes managed by the Transport Agency regional offices.

For more details of how we count the traffic on state highway, how we assign a unique address to each location on the road network, the methodology and conventions involved please reference to: 

The Transport Agency’s state highway traffic monitoring system (TMS)

TMS is an online central repository for the collected data from the state highway network. Each data set loaded into the TMS is on lane-by-lane basis, at 15 minutes intervals and minimum 7 continuous days for a predetermined site (location). The data collected from the national telemetry sites and WiM sites are uploaded weekly (on Wednesday night). The data collected from other sites are uploaded within the month the data was collected.

Restricted access to the TMS may be obtained. Please contact for the internal users or for external users.

Reports on traffic data

The collected data is used for the various engineering purpose and also produce the following reports:

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Contact us for more information on telemetry sites and general traffic monitoring.