Webbing – clamp safety belt replacements

For an older vehicle to pass a warrant of fitness (WoF), you may need to replace worn or damaged front safety belts with webbing-clamp safety belts.

They hold you more firmly in place, reducing your risk of injury in a crash. While not all older vehicles require the webbing clamps, you need to replace any worn or damaged safety belts promptly.

Where webbing clamps may not be required

Webbing-clamp safety belt replacements may not be required, where:

  • your vehicle requires modification to fit them

  • they're not readily available

  • your vehicle's design features mean these belts would not provide added protection.

Even if you don't fit a webbing-clamp, you'll still need to replace your worn or damaged safety belts. Ask for advice on your options from the person performing your vehicle inspection. To get your WoF, whoever fits your replacement belts needs to supply a written statement explaining why you can't fit webbing-clamp safety belts.

See more general information about safety belts.

The detailed requirements for safety belts are set out in our Vehicle inspection requirements manual(external link).