The Clean Car Standard (CCS) system is where you’ll manage your vehicles to comply with CCS. Below, you’ll find guides and videos that step you through the CCS system including registering for an account, applying for Fleet Average and managing your vehicles.

You’ll also find guides for MIAMI, Fuelsaver and LANDATA.

Improvements to Rightcar dealer resources section

We’ve made some improvements to the dealer resources section of Rightcar. These include updating the navigation bar to make it easier to find the Clean Car Standard information you need; and making improvements to the ‘Lookup a vehicle’ function.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required to use the CCS system. Here’s a guide on how it works and what you need to do.

Payments and credits

Settling pending charges

Transferring credits

Accepting vehicles and paying charges

Video – payments and credits overview

Take a look at our ‘Payments’ video, which gives an overview of how payments and credits work, and the different ways you can pay.  

Logging into the CCS system 

There’s a 2-step process when you first log in to the CCS system. We’ve created a guide and videos to help you:

Register for a CO2 account

Read the steps you need to follow to register for a CO2 account in the guide linked below, and watch the videos that takes you through the steps to register for a CO2 account as an individual or a business:

Edit CO2 account details

You can update some information in your CO2 account. We’ve created a guide to help you.

Close CO2 account

Read the steps you need to follow to close your CO2 account in the Clean Car Standard (CCS) system.

Roles and permissions in the CCS system 

Read the guide below on the roles and permissions within the CCS system that takes you through the steps to manage permissions and watch the video:

Fleet Average scheme 

Read the step-by-step guide and watch the videos on applying for Fleet Average and accepting vehicles in Fleet Average:

Manage vehicles in the CCS system

Read the guide and watch the video for information about vehicles in the CCS system:

New vehicle importers using Motor Industry Association Model Information (MIAMI)

CO2 account numbers need to be entered into MIAMI for each brand. We have put together information below to guide you through this process.

Vehicle identification number (VIN) notifications for light vehicles need to be uploaded into MIAMI instead of VINdirect. Use this guide to go through the steps in MIAMI.

Used vehicle importers using Fuelsaver

Additional information for CCS and functionality has been added to Fuelsaver. 

Read the step-by-step guide on Fuelsaver.

Entry certifiers

These factsheets detail important information we released in 2022 for entry certification:

Landata has been updated for CCS. Read the guides about the changes:

There are some common errors in Fuelsaver that you need to be aware of:

Read the step-by-step guide on Fuelsaver:

Industry webinars

View the webinars we ran in 2022 to provide information and answer questions about the Clean Car Standard System: