Requesting register information

There are a number of ways that you can request Motor Vehicle Register information.


Motochek is an internet service developed by Waka Kotahi that enables people who use Motor Vehicle Register information in bulk or on a frequent basis, to access the information electronically. Detailed vehicle information and the names and addresses of companies and organisations that are or have been registered is available through Motochek. The names and addresses of individuals who are currently registered are available through Motochek to people who have been granted an authorisation by the Ministry of Transport.

Find out more about Motochek and how to register

Application for registered person name and address (MR31)

Personal information is protected

The personal information we hold on the register is protected by privacy laws. For that reason, if you need somebody's personal information from us, you must have a very good reason for asking for it.

We have a duty to:

  • protect personal information
  • release personal information only where the public interest (the benefit for the common good or general welfare of all) outweighs the personal interest of the person requesting the information and the privacy rights of the individual.

If your application is approved, we also must release your name and the reason you applied for the personal details to the person concerned if they ask us.

Your application may be declined

The protection around personal information means the type of information we can give out depends on who's asking for it and why they need it.

The law only permits the release of personal information for the following purposes:

  • enforcement of the law
  • maintenance of the security of New Zealand
  • collection of charges imposed or authorised by an enactment
  • the administration and development of transport law and policy, and
  • where the public interest outweighs the privacy of the individual concerned.

We can't tell you if your application would be declined before you submit it, because each request for information is different and considered on a case-by-case basis.

We can tell you that your application will most likely be declined unless you provide some exceptional evidence showing a good reason for needing the information and it fits the legislated criteria listed above.

For example:

  • your application is likely to be declined if you see a vehicle you like and you want to approach the owner to make an offer to buy it. A person who wants to sell their vehicle will make that fact known without needing to be approached about it.

We may direct you to another organisation

In some cases we may advise you to approach another organisation for the information you need.

For example:

  • we're likely to direct you to another organisation if your vehicle is involved in an accident and you need to contact the owner of the other vehicle. Vehicle accidents are a matter for the police and they can access the same information. Your insurance company also has access to the same information to work on any insurance issues.

There is no charge for this service. 

Apply online for registered person name and address (MR31)

Request for motor vehicle details (MR32)

Requests for motor vehicle details including details of companies and organisations who are or have been registered can be made by downloading a request for motor vehicle details form. We can provide the following information:

  • name and address of companies and organisations who are and have been previously registered
  • make
  • model
  • VIN/chassis
  • engine number
  • New Zealand registration date
  • licence (rego) expiry date
  • colour
  • odometer readings (current and historic)
  • dates of change of registered person.

There is no charge for this service. 

Request for motor vehicle details (MR32)

Registered person confirmation

You can confirm whether someone is the registered person online, you’ll need the vehicle's number plate, the name and date of birth of the person or their driver licence number. There is no charge for this service and a result is returned immediately.

Request registered person confirmation

Stolen vehicle check

When a vehicle is reported as stolen to police, the Motor Vehicle Register is updated from the police system to show the vehicle has been reported stolen. You can submit an online request to check if the police have been advised a vehicle has been reported as stolen. There is no charge for this service and you get an immediate result.

Check if a vehicle has been reported stolen(external link)

Third parties

Some Motor Vehicle Register information can be sourced through third parties who include the information with their vehicle information reports. The process and cost of requesting these reports is determined by the relevant third party.