Your responsibilities as the registered person

You’re legally required to let us know immediately when you buy or sell a vehicle.

When you let us know you’ve bought a vehicle, we’ll record you as the registered person in the Motor Vehicle Register.

What it means to be the registered person

The registered person is the person responsible for the vehicle, but this isn’t the same thing as the legal owner. The Motor Vehicle Register doesn’t record legal ownership.

You need make sure the vehicle meets the requirements that allow you to legally drive it on the road. That includes keeping the vehicle in a safe condition, and paying fees and infringements.

Who can be a registered person

  • A private individual aged 15 or over.
  • A limited liability company.
  • A government department, local authority or official board.
  • An incorporated society or club.

What you’re responsible for

As the registered person you must:

Keep your address and contact details up to date

Make sure you keep your address and contact details up to date, so you don’t miss important notices and reminders for your vehicle and driver licence.

Update your address and contact details