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The NZ Transport Agency, as road user charges (RUC) collector, can issue assessments in the form of an invoice, for any unpaid RUC. An assessment is enforceable as a debt to the Crown.

If you receive an invoice and believe any details are incorrect, contact us.

If you are issued with an assessment for unpaid RUC you are required to pay the debt within two months, as failure to pay may result in monetary penalties. For example, if you do not pay within two months an additional 10% penalty may be applied and a further 10% if the amount remains unpaid after three months. Penalties also apply for failure to pay after an amended assessment or new assessment is issued.

Review of a RUC assessment

You can apply for a review of a RUC assessment if:

  • the assessment is materially incorrect, or
  • you, as the owner or operator of the RUC vehicle, were not the person responsible for incurring the unpaid road user charges.

Your application for review, including specific grounds and any evidence you can provide, must be made within 20 working days of the date specified on the assessment to be reviewed.

How to apply for a review

Complete the Application for review of a RUC assessment.

Outcome of the review

A review may result in:

  • a confirmation of the original assessment
  • a reduction in, or cancellation of the original assessment
  • an increase in the amount of the original assessment.  

If the review results in an increase in the amount of unpaid RUC then a new assessment will be issued.

If you disagree with the outcome of a review that confirms or reduces an assessment you may request an independent review.