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Vehicle licensing (rego)

Motor vehicle licensing is where you pay a fee to use your vehicle on public roads. The fee helps to pay for roading projects and road safety programmes.

Vehicle licensing is sometimes referred to as ‘rego’, but should not be confused with registration, which is the process where we add a vehicle’s details to the Motor Vehicle Register and issue its number plates. 

Licensing – your ongoing responsibility

Most motor vehicles must be licensed continuously.

See which vehicles are exempt from the licensing requirements

If you license your vehicle after the current licence has expired, you'll have to pay any backdated licence fees as well as the new licence fee. The backdated fees apply from the date the licence expires to the date you relicense. 

When to license your vehicle

We’ll send you a renewal notice (MR1) in the mail two to four weeks before your licensing fee is due. It will set out the fees and your options.

What to look for in the post

We’ve changed our reminders to make it easier for you to find the right information. You can still use this notice in the same way you use the old one.

Licensing online (external link) is the quickest and easiest option, and it saves you money too. 

MR1 licensing reminder notice

MR1 licensing reminder notice showing important informationThe notice is sent to your address last recorded on the Motor Vehicle Register. If you forget to let us know your new address and you don’t receive a reminder, you can find your expiry date on the licence label. If you don’t license your vehicle for any reason, you’re still legally required to pay the backdated fees as well as paying for a new licence.

How to license your vehicle


Save time and money – it’s quick and easy to license your vehicle online on our website.  

License your vehicle now

We’ll send the label to you in the post. 

At an agent

Otherwise, you can pay for your motor vehicle licence at an agent. 

Find an agent in your area

You can either use the MR1 notice you got in the mail, or fill out a licensing form (MR1B) at the agent.

You will need a WoF or CoF

Your motor vehicle must have a current warrant of fitness (WoF) or certificate of fitness (CoF) before you can get a licence or use the motor vehicle on the road.

What it will cost

See the most common licensing fees 

What to do with the licence label

When you pay the licensing fee, you get a label that shows the date your licence expires. You must display this label on the left-hand side of your motor vehicle’s windscreen, or near your number plate (for trailers or motorcycles).

If you don’t license on time

The registered person is responsible for keeping their vehicle licensed.

If your motor vehicle is unlicensed, you'll be sent notices to remind you that you need to relicense it.

If the vehicle remains unlicensed for 12 months, its registration will be cancelled. You’ll be sent a final notice two to four weeks before this happens.

The Transport Agency will then use a debt collection agency to recover outstanding licence fees.

The New Zealand Police and local authorities fine registered people caught using unlicensed motor vehicles on the road. You could be fined $200 for not displaying a current licence on your vehicle.

If you don’t get the reminders

Even if you don’t receive any of the reminders, you are still liable for licensing fees. If your licence has expired and you haven’t received a notice, don’t wait – use a licensing form (MR1B) at an agent.

Make sure you keep your address up-to-date so we know where to send any reminder notices. 

Update your address now

Put your licence on hold

If you won't be using your motor vehicle on the road for a continuous period of at least three months you can apply for an exemption.

How to apply for an exemption from licensing

Change your licence expiry date

You can change your motor vehicle's licensing date by completing an application to change licence expiry date (MR27) transaction at an agent.

The agent will advise you of your options and the fee you need to pay.

Find an agent in your area

Buying or selling

I’ve bought a vehicle without a licence

You’ll only be required to pay from the date you acquire the vehicle, not the date the licence was due. The seller is liable for the unpaid fees before you acquire the vehicle.

I’ve sold a vehicle without a licence

You are liable for any outstanding licensing fees up to the date of the sale or disposal of the vehicle. Normal debt collection practices are employed to recover outstanding licence fees.

If your vehicle has been stolen

If your vehicle’s licence has expired you won’t be required to pay from the date it was stolen, as long as you contact us and provide a copy of the police report. If your vehicle is recovered, you’ll only be required to pay licensing fees from the date of its return.

If your vehicle has been stolen and is licensed, contact us.

If your vehicle will be permanently off the road

You’ll need to cancel its registration by completing an MR15 form, available from some agents.

How to cancel your vehicle

Download Factsheet 49 – Vehicle licensing [PDF, 134 KB]