As a motor vehicle trader you will most likely encounter the following forms.

Form Name How the form is used
MR1B Application to license motor vehicle To obtain a new licence for a vehicle, the applicant needs to lodge this form requesting a licence (which can be valid for 3–12 months). A new label will be issued with this licence.
MR1T Trade plate licence renewal Sent to entitled trade plate holders to renew their trade plate licence at the end of every year.
MR2A Application for registration of a motor vehicle To register a vehicle. Registration plates are issued when the transaction is processed.
MR2B Application for registration of a VIN-exempt motor vehicle To register a vehicle that does not require a vehicle identification number (VIN).
MR2D Application to reverse registration When an MR2A has been lodged and the customer does not take possession of the vehicle.
MR3 Certificate of registration Lists vehicle and registered person details.
MR5 Application for trade plate Lodge this form to apply for trade plates
MR13A Notice by person selling/disposing of motor vehicle Notifies Waka Kotahi that a vehicle has been sold.
Completed by the person selling/disposing of vehicle. This is an online transaction or can be done over the phone with Waka Kotahi.
MR13B Change of registered person - buyer Notifies Waka Kotahi that a vehicle has been acquired or purchased.
MR13C Trader notice of acquisition Notifies Waka Kotahi that a vehicle has been acquired or purchased by a trader and is now part of the 'trader network'. This is an online transaction(external link) only.
MR15 Application to cancel registration Notifies Waka Kotahi that a vehicle will be taken off the road permanently.
MR24 Put your vehicle licence (rego) on hold (Application for exemption from continuous vehicle licensing) If a vehicle is not being used on the road, the registered person should apply for an exemption from licensing to prevent outstanding licensing fees from accruing, for a minimum of three months and up to 12 months.
MR36 Application for Waka Kotahi customer number A Waka Kotahi customer number allows all vehicles owned by an organisation to be linked under a customer name and unique number. Waka Kotahi customer numbers are issued to organisations when the appropriate identification has been produced (this simplifies identification requirements.) When a number has been issued, it is quoted for all registration and acquisition transactions.
RUCLA Road user charges distance licence application To purchase a distance licence.
RUCAD Road user charges additional licence application To purchase additional road user charges (RUC) licences.