What is a RealMe login?

A RealMe login is a single username and password you can use to securely access services online. 

You can use your RealMe login for both work and personal services. Your personal details are never shared with the organisation or service you log into.

When you want to use an online service that uses RealMe, you'll have the option to create your RealMe login, or log in straight away if you already have one.

Go to RealMe(external link)

How does my RealMe login work with Refunds Online?

Your RealMe login is the login you use to securely access Refunds Online. Once you log in you will create your user profile for Refunds Online.

Each Refunds Online user requires their own RealMe login and user profile. Like any login, you should never share it with anyone.

Go to RealMe(external link)

Do I need a RealMe verified account?

No. You do not need to go through the verification process to use Refunds Online.

If you already have a verified RealMe account, you can use this to access Refunds Online. Remember, your personal details are never shared with the organisation or service you log into.

Go to RealMe(external link)

How do I update my user details and maintain my customer information?

Refunds Online doesn’t currently allow you to update your user profile or customer details online. Please email RFTassessments@nzta.govt.nz with your updated information (name, address, contact, etc).

I’ve changed bank accounts, how do I update this?

Refunds Online doesn’t currently allow you to update customer details online. Please email RFTassessments@nzta.govt.nz with the customer details and bank account number.

How do I link additional users to a customer for Refunds Online?

Each user needing access to a customer’s information needs to log in to Refunds Online with their own RealMe account.

Once they’ve logged in with their RealMe login and created a user profile, please email their name and the name of the customer to RFTAssessments@nzta.govt.nz so we can link them together.

Is there an option to bulk upload claim details?

No. Refunds Online currently only allows for manual entry of claims.

How do machines get captured in claims?

How many and what types of machines you use can change frequently, so machines are not stored under ‘Manage my assets’ in the system. There is a page in your claim form where you select the machine type and amount you have used (eg 3 chainsaws).

I'm getting an error and I don't know why

If you're receiving an error message with no explanation, it may be one of the following causes:

  • Old version of Internet Explorer - you must upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer.
  • The use of special characters are not accepted, these could include !@#$%^&*().
  • Mobile device or tablet - the Refund Online application was only developed for desktop computers.
  • Incorrect date format - ensure the date format is dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Lost information - ensure you select ‘Save and continue’ on each screen.

If you have received an error that is not listed above or are unsure what it means, please contact us at RFTAssessments@nzta.govt.nz and provide as much details as you can.

What is the relationship between a user and a customer?

A User is the person who logs into Refunds Online. A Customer is the person or organisation who may be eligible for an RFT rebate.

A user may access Refunds Online in respect of rebate claims for themselves or as a representative of their employer or another organisation in respect of their rebate claims.

If you as a Customer want to authorise someone to log in to Refunds Online on your behalf and manage your claims, or if you’re a Refunds Online user and a customer has given you authority to act on their behalf in submitting their RFT rebate claims, then please email RFTassessments@nzta.govt.nz to arrange this.

How do I know if a rebate has been processed?

You can see the status of the claim and the date this was updated on the welcome page in Refunds Online.

If the status shows submitted, you’ve successfully submitted your claim. If it still shows draft, you may have forgotten to click the Submit button to start processing.

Once processed, our decision can be seen here and will be either declined or approved. If approved, rebates are paid within ten working days.

I can’t find my machinery type

You might need to enter your machine as a vehicle. Please call us on 0800 108 809 and let us know about the type of machinery you can’t find in our list.

What do claim statuses mean?

Your claim will have a status of either draft, submitted, approved or declined:

  • Draft – this means you’ve created a claim but it’s not yet ready to be submitted.
  • Submitted – this means you’ve completed entering the claim details and have submitted it to us for assessment.
  • Approved – this means that we‘ve approved your claim and you should’ve received notification of your rebate amount. Payment will be made within ten working days of you receiving this notification.
  • Declined – this means that your claim was either incomplete and has been returned to you to resubmit correctly or has been declined because you’re not eligible for a rebate.

My rebate hasn’t been paid. What can I do?

Log in to Rebates Online and check your claim history at the bottom of the welcome page. Next to each claim is one of the following statuses: approved, declined, submitted or draft.

First check if the claim is in draft. If it is, open the claim and try submitting it again to start the approval process.

If your claim has been approved for more than ten working days and you haven’t received payment, please call us on 0800 108 809.

My registration and/or claim has been declined, why is this?

If your registration or claim has been declined, we’ll send you an email explaining why.

The most common reason for a registration to be declined is that you can’t demonstrate that you’re a commercial, government or charitable organisation.

Common reasons for a claim to be declined are:

  • You didn’t provide proof of purchase.
  • The vehicles, vessels or machines you’re claiming for aren’t eligible for a rebate.
  • The proof of purchase provided with the claim doesn’t support the amounts you’re claiming for.
  • We can’t reconcile your proof of purchase with the amounts you have entered in your claim.

Declined claims may be corrected and resubmitted online. Check the email we’ve sent to see if this applies to you.