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SCAM ALERT: Vehicle licence (rego) renewal emails phishing activity. If you're concerned, click here for information.

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If you have a drawbar, drawbeam and/or towbar fitted to your vehicle, the revocation of certification of these components applies only where Patrick Chu was the certifier involved.

  • A drawbeam is the towing connection fitted to a vehicle and is designed to tow a heavy simple or heavy full trailer.
  • A drawbar is the towing connection at the front of a heavy simple or heavy full trailer.
  • A towbar is fitted to a vehicle and is used to tow a light vehicle (usually a trailer but may be another light vehicle such as a car). A light vehicle is one with a GVM no greater than 3,500kg.

Check if your vehicle plate number is listed

Select the list below that you would like to check. Vehicle plate numbers are listed in alphabetical order and you can quickly search by holding down the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ keys. Type your plate number in the search box that appears.

Drawbars and drawbeams may have exemption details that apply. These are found on the Patrick Chu background page. The drawbar and drawbeam lists below are updated as at Wednesday, 28 August 2019 and are based on the original exemption applied by the Transport Agency. We have removed vehicles that have been updated in our system as recertified. There may be additional vehicles added as our investigation of Mr Chu’s certifications continues.

New exemptions granted, August 2019

Original lists requiring recertification, as at August 2019

If your plate number is not returned in the search above but you believe your drawbar, drawbeam and/or towbar was certified by Patrick Chu, please check for the certifier ID ‘ZC’ on a certification plate on or near the towing connection itself. See the safety alert for drawbars and drawbeams for an example of a certification plate.

If you find the initials ‘ZC’ on the certification plate, please send a photo of the drawbar, drawbeam and/or towbar (with the registration plate visible), and a photo of the certification plate to and we will update our records and send you further information.

Affected vehicle owners are being mailed details of the revocation of certifications of towing connections issued by Mr Chu, including where financial support is available.

Alternatively, these can be downloaded from the financial support section of our website.

Background on Patrick Chu and exemption details
Financial support
Patrick Chu safety alerts
Questions and answers related to the revocation of certifications issued by Patrick Chu