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Although the Transport Agency isn’t legally liable to do so, we’ve agreed to provide financial support to affected vehicle owners, in order to lessen the impact of the revocations we’ve called for.

Where we do cover the cost of the recertification and/or any necessary repairs or remedial work for your towing connection, we may (where appropriate) seek to recover these costs from Transport & Structure Limited and/or Patrick Chu, who provided the certification, and anyone else responsible. By filling in the necessary form [TOW2], you unconditionally and absolutely assign your rights to the Transport Agency against Transport & Structure Limited, Patrick Chu and any other responsible parties to recover these costs.

Please note that requests for financial support related to revocation of certifications issued by Patrick Chu must be received by:

  • Towbars: midnight, 14 September 2020
  • Drawbars and drawbeams: midnight, 16 November 2020

Forms with expired dates on them will be accepted. Alternatively, you can download the following updated forms:

What to do

Drawbars and drawbeams

The Transport Agency will cover the costs of inspection and recertification, except where the certification of your drawbar or drawbeam is about to expire anyway.

In addition, the Transport Agency will cover the cost of any necessary repairs or replacements as a result of Mr Chu’s work if:

  • you purchased the vehicle after the drawbar or drawbeam had been certified by Mr Chu; or
  • Mr Chu was responsible for both designing and certifying the drawbar or drawbeam; or
  • the drawbar or drawbeam now requires additional work that would have not been required at the time it was certified by Mr Chu but is now required as a result of his work.

The Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certifier recertifying the component will provide information to help us identify the above.

We will reimburse you for costs incurred if work completed meets the conditions above. Please note that in some circumstances, information provided by the HVSC may result in the Transport Agency not covering repair or replacement costs.

We encourage you to include all invoices from parties completing the works with one reimbursement application form.

21-day inspection costs

The Transport Agency will cover the inspection costs where a 21-calendar-day inspection is required as part of the exemption conditions.

The inspection must be completed by a person competent to inspect the towing connection eg heavy vehicle maintenance technician, CoF vehicle inspector, heavy vehicle specialist certifier. They must complete the ‘Revoked drawbar or drawbeam inspection form’ to the best of their ability - this will not expose the person undertaking the inspecting to any liability to the Transport Agency.

  • You must then email a copy of the form to before the 21 days expires.
  • Please email payment information (as detailed on the back of the inspection form) to for the Transport Agency to reimburse your 21-day inspection cost.

Below are packs of information based on any exemptions applied. You can check exemptions on our vehicle plate lists on the ‘Check if you’re affected’ webpage. The packs include a sample letter – with details for reimbursement, and the forms you are required to complete (these can also be downloaded). Alternatively, all affected customers are being mailed a letter and any forms required, including the formal notice of revocation.

Check if you’re affected
Questions and answers related to revocation of certifications issued by Patrick Chu


If, as a result of Mr Chu’s work, you need a re-inspection, recertification, and necessary repairs or replacement of a towbar, then the Transport Agency will cover costs.

The financial support letter below explains what you need to do, depending on your vehicle’s situation, so that we can cover the costs for owners where applicable. This includes details for reimbursement and direct invoicing.

You can download and complete the application form below to begin the payment process. Alternatively, all affected customers have been mailed a letter and payment form.

If you select to have costs directly invoiced to us by a party completing the work, a separate form, signed by you, must be provided to each party to attach with their invoice.

Please note: payment processes must be completed by the exemption date specified.

Sample letter:

Application forms:

Read the financial support questions and answers related to revocation of certifications issued by Patrick Chu.