Waka Kotahi issues assessments for any unpaid RUC. This comes in the form of an invoice. An assessment is enforceable as a debt to the Crown.

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If you receive an invoice and believe any details are incorrect, let us know.

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If you're issued with an assessment for unpaid RUC you must pay the amount owing within two months.

If you don't pay within two months, a 10% penalty will be applied. Another 10% will be applied if the amount is still unpaid after three months. 

Review of a RUC assessment

You can apply for a review of a RUC assessment if:

  • the assessment is incorrect, or
  • you, as the owner or operator of the RUC vehicle, were not the person responsible for the unpaid road user charges.

You must make an application for a review within 20 working days of the assessment date. You must include the reason for review, and any evidence you have to support that reason. 

How to apply for a review

Application for review of a RUC assessment

Outcome of the review

A review may:

  • confirm the original assessment
  • reduce or cancel the original assessment
  • increase the amount of the original assessment.  

If the review results in an increased amount of unpaid RUC, a new assessment will be issued.

If you disagree with the outcome of a review you may request an independent review.