A tiny home must meet legal dimension requirements to be transported on our roads as a load, or as a vehicle.

A tiny home is not classed as a specialist vehicle, so to be used on the road it must be within the dimension limits for a standard vehicle, or if larger be transported as a load.

This information does not provide any other guidance on tiny homes, such as, for example, whether or not your tiny home is a building.

See our information below on light rigid vehicles, heavy rigid vehicles, light trailers and heavy trailers:

  • if your tiny home is a secured load on a truck or trailer (and can be readily detached from the vehicle) it may operate within legal dimension limits, OR
  • if your tiny home is a single vehicle with or without its own motive power, similar to a motorhome/campervan, converted bus or truck, or caravan/ house trailer, it must meet legal dimensions.

Light rigid vehicles

Heavy rigid vehicles

Light trailers (light simple trailers)

Heavy trailers and vehicle combinations

Alternatively, if your tiny home is a secured load on a truck or trailer and is not within the legal dimension limits, you may be able to transport it as an overdimension load for a delivery trip. See our overdimension factsheet for more information:

Factsheet 53a Overdimension vehicles and loads