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Certificate of fitness service delivery changes

A new CoF service delivery model came into effect on 1 December 2014 after the Transport Agency reviewed its policies relating to the delivery of certificate of fitness (CoF) inspections.

The new model enables providers to offer CoF inspection and repair services, and allows for more inspection organisations (IOs), vehicle inspectors (VIs) and inspection sites to enter the CoF market.

The changes mean that vehicles can be inspected, repaired and returned to the road more quickly. This will result in increased vehicle productivity and potentially reduced costs for owners and operators, while maintaining or improving road safety.

Make an application

Applications are now open for prospective CoF inspecting organisations, new and existing vehicle inspectors wanting to conduct CoF inspections, and inspecting organisations wanting to add additional inspection sites to their authority.

View the application forms on the vehicle inspection portal(external link)

Vehicle certification administration fees

Information on vehicle certification and administration fees can be found in our Fees Guide(external link) on the Vehicle inspection portal

CoF variable frequency

From 1 July 2014, the Transport Agency has had the ability to reward vehicle operators whose vehicles have shown a consistently high level of vehicle safety compliance by offering them twelve month CoF inspections for heavy vehicles that meet certain criteria.

Conversely, those operators who consistently fail to maintain acceptable levels of safety compliance will be encouraged to improve their performance by way of the Transport Agency imposing a three month CoF Frequency in conjunction with guidance and mentoring from Transport Agency Officers.

The Transport Agency has withdrawn the CoF Variable Frequency Guidelines.  We will be issuing a new set of guidelines.  However, in the meantime we will be making decisions on a case-by-case basis.  We will no longer be using the previous guidelines in our decision-making.  The relevant test can be found in clause 9.8.

Inspecting organisation requirements

There are a number of requirements that prospective inspecting organisations need to meet before we can approve their application. Please visit our inspecting organisations applications portal(external link) for a full summary of the requirements and details regarding the application process.

Inspection sites

As part of the changes to the CoF system, the Transport Agency is enabling IOs to deliver inspection services from a wider range of sites, including sites provided by vehicle service and repair organisations and vehicle operators as long as they meet our requirements.

While vehicle owners and operators can't become an IO and inspect their own vehicles, they can enter into partnership with an IO who can then conduct inspection services from their site.

Under a partnership arrangement such as this the IO would be accountable for ensuring that the site and related equipment continues to meet the Transport Agency's requirements. Additionally, there would be no requirement for the IO to provide inspections for other transport operators from the site.

Site and equipment requirements

Under the new CoF system, IOs will be able to deliver inspection services from a wider range of sites, including sites that also offer vehicle service and repair services.

A condition of appointment for IOs is that inspection services have to be provided from sites that we have assessed as meeting our site requirements. As part of the application process one of our transport officers will visit and assess sites. Their assessment may include (but is not limited to):

  • Checking the site and equipment
  • Witnessing an inspection of the largest vehicle you intend to be inspected at your site
  • Conducting practical testing for vehicle inspectors (VIs) at the site
  • Recording any restrictions on the types of vehicle to be inspected at your site

View the CoF and WoF site requirements(external link)

CoF vehicle inspector requirements

There are a number of requirements that prospective vehicle inspectors need to meet before we can approve their application. Visit our CoF vehicle inspector applications portal(external link) for a full summary of the requirements and details regarding the application process.

CoF accreditation

We are investigating the possibility that operators could be accredited to manage their own vehicle safety. These investigations are in the early stages – more details are expected to be available in 2015.

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