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COVID-19 SERVICES UPDATE: 10 October 2020 expiry date for extended WoFs, CoFs and driver licences confirmed. More information.

SCAM ALERT: Vehicle licence (rego) renewal phishing emails.

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Recent additions to the website.

Search function update

There is now an improved search function for the CNG, which filters the search to information contained within the Guide. Enter key words in the search field and the results can then be sorted by Relevancy, Date and Title.

An example of search results

An example of search results

To switch to searching the entire Transport Agency, click the drop down box and select 'Entire website' or click the sentence 'Did you want to search the entire Transport Agency website?' under the main Results title.

Case studies and trials

Guidance and specifications

Advisory shoulders
An advisory shoulder, also known as a 2-1 (‘two minus one’) lane layout is a single with shoulders on either side for cyclists and e-scooter riders in urban areas, and also pedestrians and equestrians in rural areas.
31 Jul 2020

Separated cycleways
New concept design considerations are added: Width of facility and Type of separator/protection
31 Jul 2020

Choice of separator or protection
Considerations when choosing the type of separation device next to a cycleway.
31 Jul 2020

Unsignalised crossings
'Unsignalised crossings', previously known as 'uncontrolled crossings' section is now expanded and updated. Cycle crossings, including dual crossings are now included as a facility type.
27 Jan 2020