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Being a teacher is a busy job so we’ve developed some ideas, resources and links to help you inspire your students to find out more about cycling.

The Transport Agency and Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) have recently partnered in the development of a national cycling education system, to increase the reach of cycling education in New Zealand. The system will improve quality and consistencies based on best practice, and, provide a monitoring and evaluation framework so we can assess how effective the system is at improving safety and encouraging more people to ride.   Find out more here.

Bike safety information

Here are some useful resources for educating children about cycle safety.

  • Six things to do before sending your children to school on their bikes

    Do a skills check

    Go for a ride with your child and make sure their cycling skills and confidence are high enough for their first commute to school. Practice stopping, turning, and signalling on low-traffic roads until you’ve established your child is ready.

    Plan a low-traffic route together

    Travel around your neighborhood to find the perfect bike route. Once you’ve identified a good one, do a trial run from home to school together, identifying any danger zones to avoid and making sure your child knows how to navigate four-way stops and other traffic features. If you have any trouble finding a safe, lower-traffic route, contact a bike shop to see if they have any local maps which could steer you toward quieter roads.

    Make sure they know the rules of the road

    Practice signalling turns, stopping at stop signs, and riding predictably with traffic. Teach your kids to stay predictable and alert while riding, keeping both hands on the handlebar and always looking ahead for obstacles. Read the official New Zealand code for cyclists.

    Conduct a safety check of their bike and equipment together

    Make sure your child can straddle their bike frame with their feet on the ground. Check to see that the brakes are working and the tyres have air. Add reflectors to your child’s bike for visibility. Make sure his or her helmet fits and is properly positioned.

    Look into local resources for young cyclists

    Many communities offer bike safety courses for kids. Other towns/cities have organised 'bike buses,' which are almost like carpools for young commuting cyclists. If you can’t find local youth cycling resources online, contact an area bike shop to see what they offer—or see if they would be interested in sponsoring a programme.

    Make it fun

    Celebrate your kid’s first ride by making bicycle-shaped biscuits or with a bonus ride to the park together. You’ve just passed the torch to a new generation of little commuters!

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  • Cycle skills training

    Like swimming, cycling is a life skill and we want all Kiwis to have the opportunity to learn to ride a bike for life. As we improve our built environment for people on bikes, and as more people start to cycle, we need to make sure they have the skills and experience required to enjoy the ride.

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Resources for teachers

Learning about bikes doesn't have to be boring. We have compiled some helpful links, resources and ideas to help you spread the joy of cycling with the next generation.

  • Ideas for writing and wondering
    • Explore the history of the bicycle online
    • Write and create images for a magical bicycle journey using aliens and friends
    • Using a cycling poster from the internet write a poem which tells people about the picture
    • Design a ‘pick a path’ game about cycling around your local area using Google Maps
    • Write and illustrate a 10 step comic strip description of a fixing a tyre on a bike
    • Design a 3D track using found materials or perhaps use Minecraft or Scratch to create a track, once you have designed your bike track show your principal
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Bikes in Schools

Bikes in Schools (external link)  is a programme with the goal of getting school children riding bikes in a safe environment. Enabled through the Bike On NZ Charitable Trust, bike tracks are built in school grounds and supported with new bikes and helmets.

The programme also helps the school establish bike storage facilities and find a bike coach to introduce the programme and teach basic riding skills. You can also see what types of tracks can be built. (external link)  

Is there a bike track in a school near you?

This map (external link)  shows which schools have a Bikes in Schools cycle track package. There are over 90 participating schools in New Zealand already.