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Cycling Safety Action Plan progress report - April 2017

In December 2014, the Cycling Safety Panel (the panel) published its recommendations in Safer journeys for people who cycle. Since then the NZ Transport Agency has made a significant commitment to making cycling safer and more attractive, and we have progressed many of the recommendations through our National Cycling Programme.

Read the Cycling Safety Action Plan progress report [PDF, 1.5 MB]

New Zealand cycling safety report

We established the independent Cycling Safety Panel following the 2013 coronial review of cycle safety to develop practical and innovative recommendations for how central and local government can work together to make cycling a safer transport option.

The panel worked closely with cycling advocacy groups, transport organisations, local authorities and relevant central government agencies in developing its recommendations. The recommendations cover new and innovative solutions for infrastructure, education, network user behaviour, regulation and enforcement.

The report represents New Zealand’s first comprehensive and rigorous analysis of how to improve the safety of people who cycle in our urban and rural areas.

Read the report and recommendations from the Cycling Safety Panel [PDF, 2.5 MB]

Cycling safety action plan: making cycling safer and more attractive

We have developed an action plan outlining what we are doing to deliver on the Cycling Safety Panel’s many recommendations. These are part of our programme to make cycling a safer and more attractive transport choice which is our sixth Strategic Priority for 2015 -19(external link).  Where actions fall under local authorities’ or other agencies’ responsibility we will work in partnership to support them and facilitate delivery. 

A progress report on the action plan was published in April 2017 and a second progress report will be published in December 2018. 

Read our Cycling safety action plan [PDF, 418 KB].