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Traffic and travel updates: visit the Journey Planner website(external link) for more information about the latest road closures affecting the South Island following the recent weather events.

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Cycling in Blenheim contributes to improving transport options, providing a more efficient and integrated transport network, improving health, economic and social outcomes and liveability.

Marlborough District Council is developing a safe, convenient and integrated network to encourage more people to choose walking and cycling as an active and healthy way to get around. The programme links residential areas with schools, the CBD, workplaces, wineries and other key destinations.

In Blenheim, the Urban Cycleways Fund invested in the Spring Creek, Taylor River path and Eltham/Beaver Road cycle link projects.

Download the Blenheim Urban Cycleways map [PDF, 579 KB]

View the latest project updates for on the Marlborough District Council website(external link)

Spring Creek

This off-road shared path extended the existing high-quality facility between Blenheim and Grovetown through to Spring Creek. The path brings Spring Creek and its residents into the Blenheim cycling network and provide off-road access to the Spring Creek and Grovetown schools, both within 500m of the route. This project also provides a path for people who would otherwise cycle on State Highway 1.

This off-road facility provides a safer route for students and others to cycle between Spring Creek and Blenheim, separated from the high-speed traffic along State Highway 1. The facility will help encourage new people to cycle, many of whom lack the confidence or experience to cycle the existing state highway. The off-road path also encourages more Spring Creek residents to cycle to work and school and provides increased safety for recreational cyclists.

Taylor River path

This off-road cycle path extended the existing popular route along the Taylor River further to the south, linking more residential areas in south Blenheim to the CBD. The existing section already catered for a considerable number of pedestrians and cyclists, many of whom are travelling to the colleges to the northwest of the town. This project has increased the catchment area for the path and offered a safer and more pleasant alternative to the road network.

This off-road cycle path provides a safer commuting option for students to cycle to school, and for commuters to cycle to work in the CBD. The attractive cycling route will improve the transport choice for residents in south Blenheim travelling to the CBD.

Eltham/Beaver Road cycle link

This route consists of a separated two-way cycle path on the eastern side of Eltham Road and traffic calming measures on Beaver Road. The path provides direct access to Whitney Street School and nearby St Mary’s School and connects Eltham Road to Taylor River path, via Carr Street and Beaver Road.

This separated cycle path offers a safer cycle route for the students that attend Whitney Street and St Mary’s schools. It will also encourage more people to cycle to the Taylor River reserve path to reach the town centre and other destinations in the area.

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