In 2010 Hastings was selected as one of New Zealand’s two walking and cycling model communities. The result was the successful iWay programme which saw the construction of over 108 kilometres of new walking and cycling pathways. iWay quickly became widely recognised as an innovative programme that reversed the trend of declining cycling rates.

Building on local experience and lessons learnt since 2010, the Hastings iWay programme has now been extended across Napier, developing a strong commuter cycling route between Napier and Hastings. Napier has a unique opportunity to create a largely off-road cycle network using drainage reserves that would transform cycling in the city.

Napier’s investment programme was delivered using investment from the Urban Cycleways Fund. Hastings will further also developed its existing network through resolving connectivity and safety issues using the Urban Cycleways Fund.

Napier Urban Cycleways Project

The iWay Napier extension project provides 36.5km of both on-road cycle lanes and wide, off-road pathways to complete the local network throughout Napier.

Hastings Urban Cycleway Project

The iWay Hastings project provided 18km of on and off-road cycling routes, providing a connection between Napier and Hastings and links between residential areas, schools and employment areas.