Public sector e-bike scheme

Waka Kotahi, NZ Transport Agency is coordinating a cross-government initiative that raises the profile of e-bike purchase support schemes and makes the process simpler for public sector organisations who want to implement a scheme. This initiative is about the public sector leading by example and is a cross-agency response to government direction in relation to urban mobility, public health and emissions reduction.

I heard about the public sector e-bike scheme and want to get an e-bike? 

The Transport Agency has pre-selected suppliers who will offer workplace discounts, but the public sector organisation you work for must sign up to create a scheme for the offer to be available to you. 

The list of discounts on offer is commercially sensitive and will only be made available to the representative from your organisation who is responsible for implementing the scheme. When they have chosen a supplier and set up the scheme they will be able to share the discounts available to you.

How does a public sector organisation set up a scheme?

Any public sector organisation can set up a scheme, they just need someone internally to lead the scheme, along with a senior leadership champion and support from their communications team. It could be initiated by anyone in an organisation but may involve people in the following teams: human resources, corporate support, procurement, etc. People will need to investigate internally at their organisation and see if there is interest to run one first.

How do the schemes work?

In terms of what needs to be done to set up a scheme, the first step is to have a read through our employer guide on how to implement one, so you understand the series of actions that you’ll need to take to make it work.

This guide was developed for any employer but the steps you need to follow are the same:
Employer e-bike purchase support schemes

What next?

If you get support internally for the scheme, and have identified a resource to lead it, Waka Kotahi can then help by providing whoever will be running the scheme with the pre-selected supplier list that was nationally coordinated for the public sector. That will outline the different supplier offers, so you can select one to work with and get going.

What’s the pre-selected supplier list for?

In 2019, the Transport Agency helped coordinate a national exercise to establish a list of ‘Pre-Qualified Suppliers’ for public sector organisations. There were 19 applications received and eight suppliers were selected based on: product availability and range, quality of scheme support, attractiveness of offer and quality of the process. The suppliers include:

  • Big Street Bikers
  • Bikes International and Electrify NZ
  • Electric Bike Team
  • Evo
  • Giant Bicycles
  • PRV
  • Sheppard Cycles
  • Torpedo 7

The list contains commercially sensitive information, so is only for the internal project team delivering the e-bike scheme to select one supplier – it is not for wider distribution internally or externally. Organisations may like to speak with several suppliers to determine which would best suit their needs.

Is there anyway to connect with others who have run the scheme?

Yes. The Transport Agency is coordinating a Microsoft Team for project leads within public sector organisations to assist with commonly asked government agency questions. This is a forum for information and experience to be shared and questions to be answered. It is also where the relevant documentation, including the Pre-Selected Supplier List can be accessed. If your employer is developing a proposal to implement the scheme, or has approved implementation, you can request to be added to the forum at

Is there a specific deadline to run the scheme? 

No. Your organisation can implement the scheme whenever it is ready. There is some good advice about when it’s best to run a scheme, and what kind of timeframes are involved:
Employer e-bike purchase support schemes

Are e-bike purchase support schemes limited to the public sector?

No. These schemes can be offered by any employer. The cross-government initiative has simply been designed to support public sector organisations with government procurement processes, and raise the profile of the schemes across government.

What does this scheme cost the taxpayer?

This cross-government initiative is about raising the profile of e-bike schemes within the public sector and simplifying procurement processes, it does not involve any contractual arrangements with suppliers or investment of government money. There are minimal administrative costs for organisations to set up a scheme. 

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