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If public transport is convenient, reliable and cost-effective it supports people’s ability to travel safely, easily and independently, leading to more people using buses, rail and ferries more often.

It is increasingly important to ensure population and economic growth doesn’t translate into more congestion, more emissions, poorer air quality and ultimately less connected and liveable cities.

The National Ticketing Solution project aims to improve public transport for New Zealanders through a standardised approach to paying for public transport which will provide a common customer experience no matter where you are in the country. This solution will make accessing and paying for public transport easier, providing more people with more choice.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do we need a National Ticketing Solution?

    Easy-to-use and convenient public transport ticketing is a key part of the customer experience. Customers are increasingly expecting that the way they pay for public transport will be tailored to their needs and mirror the way they interact with most other services.

    Current public transport ticketing and payment systems in New Zealand vary considerably in capability and customer experience across buses, ferries and rail. To encourage public transport as the preferred travel choice for more people, more often, we must invest in new technologies to improve the customer experience.

    Customer expectations about how payments can be made for public transport is changing as Kiwis compare our transport service to other public transport networks around the world. Our current fare collection systems and payment methods nationally, present barriers to people using public transport.

    At a high level, the National Ticketing Solution supports the Government’s goals toward safer and less congested roads, reducing emissions, as well as supporting healthier lifestyles. It will also help to improve access to travel options and make public transport more affordable.

    This nation-wide approach will deliver value for money.

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  • How will the National Ticketing Solution differ?

    The different ‘closed loop’ systems operating in New Zealand (using a stored value card for use in specific regions) will be superseded by ‘account-based ticketing’ – solutions that provide wider accessibility for users, customer flexibility, significantly better data, enhanced network management, as well as allowing for future technology innovations.

    Account-based solutions also enable the introduction of ‘open loop’ payments (using credit/debit cards and digital versions such as Google Pay and Apple Pay). Open loop systems started appearing around the world in 2013 initially in London. Many more cities now use this ticketing approach including Sydney, Chicago, Singapore, Portland and Brisbane.

    The national approach planned for New Zealand will bring an enhanced experience to the whole country.

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  • What is Project NEXT?

    The National Ticketing Programme was established in February 2016 as it was recognised that there were significant national and regional benefits from taking a nationally coordinated approach to regional payment solutions for public transport services.

    In early 2018, the procurement phase of the National Ticketing Programme was given the working title ‘Project NEXT’.

    The Project NEXT partners are representatives from Greater Wellington Regional Council, Auckland Transport, Environment Canterbury, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and a Regional Consortium of nine medium and smaller councils to ensure both national and regional concerns and interests are captured.

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  • What is the timing for the National Ticketing Solution?

    Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and our partners are working through the procurement process with a preferred supplier.

    This process has been impacted by the complex nature and the scale of the contract, number of stakeholders plus Covid-related challenges. Despite these challenges the project continues to make progress ensuring all requirements are being satisfied to deliver a national public ticketing platform.

    While timings are still being agreed with all stakeholders, public transport authorities have been working with Waka Kotahi to develop interim arrangements aligned to their current circumstances and requirements and to improve their transition to the National Ticketing Solution as soon as it is ready to be implemented.

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Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has recently gathered some research on the preferred payments methods on public transport to help inform early work on a national public transport ticketing solution.

National Ticketing Research – April 2021 [PDF, 6.3 MB]


More information

Media enquiries

Andrew Knackstedt
Media Manager
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Mobile: 021 276 3222

Project partners

Waka Kotahi | Greater Wellington Regional Council, Environment Canterbury | Auckland Transport | Regional Consortium