Good public transport network planning of services and infrastructure that meet passenger needs is critical to delivering the optimal transport solutions and outcomes.

Guidelines for preparing regional public transport plans

The Transport Agency’s 2017 RPTP guidelines update for public transport continuous programmes [PDF, 364 KB] provides an update to the NZ Transport Agency’s 2013 Guidelines for preparing regional public transport plans [PDF, 1.6 MB] and gives guidance on utilising the plan to support the business case for continuous public transport programmes. Regional public transport plans (RPTPs) reflect changes to the Land Transport Management Act 2003 to implement the Public Transport Operating Model and establish effective public transport networks. Regional councils must be satisfied their regional public transport plans have been prepared in accordance with the guidelines.

Requirements for urban buses in New Zealand (the RUB)

The RUB is New Zealand’s common standard for urban bus quality. It sets out the common dimensions and features of an urban bus. The RUB is used by regional councils and Auckland Transport in their urban bus contracts.

The quality of buses is important for creating a good customer experience and attracting patronage from people who have a greater choice about whether they use public transport or not. It is also important for accessibility reasons.

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Increasing value for money through public transport technology

Information technology is playing an increasing role in the efficient delivery of public transport. We work with councils to investigate information technology that will enhance the delivery of public transport. A current focus is working with regional councils to take a nationally coordinated approach to the provision of regional ticketing services for public transport to deliver better value for money from national and local investment.

Legislation, rules and standards development

The primary legislation governing planning for public transport in the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2003.(external link)

Other relevant legislation and rules include:

The vehicle must also meet other rules for vehicle systems, parts and components, which are all listed in land transport rules.