The types of facilities provided at bus stops reflect the bus stop classification, namely: public transport interchange, premium, intermediate, standard and basic (discussed in Bus stop location planning).

PTDG: Bus stop location planning

The table below summarises the bus stop component provision corresponding to each type of bus stop classification and whether the component is essential, recommended or optional.

Table: Summary of infrastructure provision by bus stop type

Download bus stop components overview table [PDF, 419 KB]

View bus stop components in detail:

PTDG: Bus stop layouts

Where items marked essential are not legislative requirements, departures should be approved by the relevant road controlling authority and public transport authority.

Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004

In addition to the components in the table above, extra consideration of the road surface may be needed for busier stops or interchanges. Rutting can be prevented by using concrete pads or other high stress pavement designs. See: